Over Due Invoices
Name Invoice Number Address Copy of the Agreement Amount to Date Amount Due Date
Department of Family and Community Services 1355724221 60 Royal Mantle Drive Ulladulla NSW 2539  $    45.00 31/12/2012
Peter Cooke 150 17 Boree St, Ulladulla NSW 2539  $    50.00 24/10/2013
Bannisters 306  191 Mitchell Parade, Mollymook NSW 2539  $    50.00 15/10/2015
Jim Hales 0403997349 68 South St, Ulladulla NSW 2539, Australia unit 8  $    50.00 5/11/2018
Craig 0423748988 279C Kingiman Rd, Woodburn NSW 2538, Australia  $    70.00 5/11/2018
No Service to these Customers until the account is paid thank you
If not paid in 14 days you are been placed on our black list of payers
This is list of non payers that creditors look up when you apply for a loans or credit cards for personal or Business use
The only way to remove yourself from this list is to pay your invoice 
This list on the internet for everyone to view at anytime
Thank you